JULY 2nd - 5th 2020

  • 2nd July - Registration, Payments & Practise ($15 door charge to SERCCC for today practise)

  • 3rd July  - Controlled Practise Friday & Seeding

  • 4th July - Qualifying

  • 5th July - Finals, 5pm finish, book flights home for no earlier than 8pm

ETS Indoor Carpet Track, Melbourne


$80 for the first class

$50 for the second class

$40 per set of control tires (Touring Car)

$30 per set of control tires (1/12th)

$25 to hire a motor

Entries are stopped at 180 and then we put out a waiting list. What happens next is we fill all the heats up, for example, 21.5T might have 16 total so we allocate 4 more spots so there are 2 full heats, this does not change the schedule for the day but instead insures everyone that they will have great racing with full heats no matter where they are positioned. The waiting list is also used to bump the next person up if someone pulls out prior to the event.



The fifth & final stop of the tour takes us indoors to Dandenong in the south-east of Melbourne. SERCCC and ATS have joined forces to bring you arguably the biggest and best on-road RC event in this part of the World. 

Shout Out

We would like to give a big shout out to all of the committee members and helpers from SERCCC who spend days and days putting this event together, building the track, building the drivers stand, keeping us fed, setting up the pit spaces and then pulling it all down again as most of us leave to catch planes or drive back home.

The Facility

The venue is Gloria Pyke Netball Complex, it's a dedicated indoor sporting centre and it's MASSIVE! the lighting is incredible, there are toilets and showers in case you've been wrenching and feeling like a freshen up! There are hundreds of car parks so you don't have to worry about finding a spot.

The Track

As always, we will be using our high grip ETS Carpet, the track will be laid out a couple of days before the start of the event so it will be super flat and ready.

Race Format

Just like last year, there will be a $15 door charge to pay to SERCCC if you want to practise on Thursday.

There will be open practise, 1 seeded practise for qualifying, 4 qualifyings and 3 finals. Your 2 best qualifying results will determine your starting position in the finals. Your best 2 final results determine your finishing position.

And, bump ups! If you only make the C final due to still have a chance to bump up to the Bs and then the As! Woohoooo

Classes  & Rules

This year there will be a maximum of 2 classes entered per driver, also there will be NO cross entering between 21.5 Stock Touring, 13.5 Pro Stock & Modified. Rules will be run as per ATS guidelines, please read more here.

  • Junior 21.5

  • VTA


  • GT 17.5

  • 21.5 Stock Touring

  • 13.5 Pro Stock

  • Modified

  • 1/12th Stock

  • 1/12th Modified

  • Formula 1

Controlled Tyres

All classes except VTA will be using Controlled tyres. Formula 1 will be using Sweep controlled tyres (Max of 2 Sets), 1/12th Classes will be using Controlled Ulti tyres (Max of 7 sets) and all other touring classes will be using Sweep racing tyres (Max of 3 sets for all classes except for Modified which can have 4)

You can tell us how many you would like per class on the entry form. We will have plenty of non controlled practice tires to purchase at the event.

Entries & Payments

Entry is easy, fast and free to secure your spot, simply go here to lock in your entry today. To ensure everybody has a fun event with lots of racing, we will be capping entries to 180 and then filling up the heats. Payments are taken at registration at the start of the event, you can pay with Cash or Card, we will have our card reader set up and ready.

Food & Drinks

There is a full canteen with coffee, tea, cold drinks and lots to choose from for food, as well as a BBQ with an array of tasty meats that get slow-cooked daily. We have got your tummy sorted, no need to bring anything.

What to bring

Like at all ATS events, We have dedicated pit spaces and chairs with power to each table for each and every entrant so there's no need to bring anything except yourself and your racing gear. Just remember that it is in the middle of winter so bring warm clothes.

Getting there & Leaving

Just type 'Gloria Pyke Netball Complex' into google maps and we'll see you there! It takes about 45min driving from the airport. We like to have the event wrapped up by 6pm so have your flights booked for 8:30 pm onwards on Sunday.

Live Streaming and Results

This event will be live-streamed with results and video using Live RC.

Commentator / Race Director

As he does at each ATS round, Chris Mitchell will be on the MIC and making sure all the races are run smoothly and fair.

Trophies & Championship Presentation 

Everyone who makes an A-Main final will be getting a Trophy, everyone who makes an  A final podium will be getting a unique trophy! This round also wraps up the ATS season and means we will also be awarding the overall ATS champions for 21.5 Stock Touring, 13.5 Pro Stock and Modified, The top 3 will be awarded.







GT 17.5