Event Entry Guide

Entering into the ATS is simpler than ever,

Follow this link to go to the entry page. Here you will find all 5 of our rounds. You can enter one at a time as they come up, or all 5 at the same time if you like. On the entry page you will find an entry form, fill out this entry form with your details. Select if you will race one or two classes, and fill in your details accordingly. You can cross enter between any two classes you want. It also gives you the opportunity to let us know if you require the hire of a control motor for the 21.5 or 13.5 classes. Tyres for racing and practise will be sorted out at the event, there is no need to let us know beforehand. We will have plenty on hand!

Regardless of if you specify these details or not, we will have motors waiting for you when you arrive. Letting us know what you want simple allows us to be more prepared. However, if you arrive and let us know what you need at the event, we will be able to cater to you. We only require that you enter your name, classes and transponder details, everything else may be reserved at your choice, or informed on the day.

Reserving motors on the entry form will NOT require payment at this time, you will only be required to pay your entry fee. Please be prepared to cover the cost of any motor hire/purchase and race/practise tyre purchases at the event, we accept cash and eftpos payment for these items trackside. 

You can then follow the checkout procedure and process payment. We will do everything else, from there on you're on the list and ready for the event! 

If you would like to purchase a control motor prior to the event in order to be prepared, you can head to an authorised R1 Wurks stockist:

Hearns Hobbies

Speedy RC


RAB Hobbies

Essential RC