With over 15 years of international racing experience and ranked 17th in the World, Ryan Maker brings a wealth of experience and fun to ATS... But... even the best have their moments. At a Nitro race in Singapore, Ryan was involved in a crash with a few other cars, he came out unscathed and kept driving, only to find that his car was upside down in the bush going nuts whilst the car he thought was his was actually another drivers! Awesome.

Founder of ATS & Director of Operations


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Chris is very experienced, working for Live RC and also commentating several local karting, Motorcross and RC events! 

But again, even legends have their moments!


"It was a super hot day running a major karting event here in WA, the PA system was patchy and quiet so I was playing with cables and dials to try and get it clearer...when I noticed a faint burning smell while I was commentating.

I turned around to see the amplifier and system was up in a raging inferno"

Race Director, Media, Promotions & Announcer


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With 20 years of experience in RC, Tony has come on board with ATS to help in general with a bit of everything, after all,  many hands make light work. Tony has redeveloped the new website, entry system and digital communications and will be at the events helping to make sure everyone has an amazing time.

With all this experience you would think that wiring a motor in backwards whilst in TQ at the 2003 NZ Nationals wouldn't happen, well it did and it wasn't pretty.

Organiser & Cheif of IT Solutions