Can I cross enter between classes?

Yes, you may race a maximum of 2 classes, cross entry between every class is allowed. In other words, you can race any 2 classes you want

When do entries for each round close?

We will take entries up until the night before Friday Practise at the event. We will accept entries on the Friday or Saturday of the event, however, they will incur a $20 late fee. Please enter online, prior to the event. This helps us organise everything for you, so there are no delays or surprises 

What race format will you be running?

Weather permitting,

  • Friday: Controlled Practise - roughly 8 sessions 9am - 5pm

  • Saturday: 1 seeding run and 4 qualifiers 9am - 5pm

  • Sunday: 1 Qualifier and 3 finals for all mains and competitors + trophy presentation 9am - 5pm

Are there trophies?

Yes, trophies will be awarded for all A Main finishers at each round, as well as winners of all other finals, ie 1st place in the B Final. There will also be the BIG overall winners trophies for the 21.5, 13.5 and Modified Touring Classes. These are decided by the best 3 out of 5 Rounds completed.

Is it worth coming for practice on Friday, how will it be run?

Yes, it's worth practising for sure, since if you only come Saturday, you will only have 8 minutes of track time before the start of qualifying. Practise will be split up into blocks as follows:

  • Stock: 15 Minutes

  • Pro Stock: 15 Minutes

  • Modified: 15 Minutes

  • 1/12th Stock: 15 Minutes


This could be adjusted slightly depending on class numbers at each round, however, there will be a practise schedule for reference at all rounds.

Are you capping entries?

Entries are capped at 80 per round, then we put out a waiting list. What happens next is we fill all the heats up, for example, 21.5T might have 16 total so we allocate 4 more spots so there are 2 full heats of 21.5T, this does not change the schedule and timing for the day but instead insures everyone that they will have great racing with full heats no matter where they are positioned.


The waiting list is used for all classes that are full to bump the next person up if someone pulls out prior to the event.

The reason we do this, to give you plenty of track time, time to repair cars, talk rubbish with mates, enjoy your surroundings, eat good food and have a few drinks in the city you have travelled to and generally walk away at the end of the weekend feeling energised and happy, not drained and ready to give up RC. We aim to give everyone at ATS the most relaxed weekend possible, after all, this is a hobby and it should be fun with plenty of laughs along the way.

What time will practise and racing be starting and finishing each day?

Depending on numbers and weather, we aim to start racing at 9am and finish by 5pm


How long will races be? And how long between heats?

All classes will be 5 minutes, except 1/12th Stock which will be 8 minutes. We will have one and a half minutes between races to allow time for marshals to get to their positions. 

What are the controlled motors and tyres?

  • R1 Wurks Stock 21.5T: R1 Wurks ATS/AARCMCC 21.5T

  • Yokomo Pro Stock 13.5T: R1 Wurks ATS Spec 13.5T 

  • Tyres for Touring Car are Sweep EXP-30R2-ATS - they are Pre-Glued.

  • Tyres for 1/12th are Ulti 

How do I get a control motor, and do I need one to race?

You can purchase a control motor from us, or any of our stockists prior to the event. You can also purchase a control motor at the event on the day or via the entry form for $120, as well as hire them at a rate of $25 per event. All racer owned motors will need to be tech'd and set prior to seeding runs.

When and where should we get motors tech'd?

All-day Friday you will have a chance to tech your R1 Wurks 21.5T or 13.5T motor that you own, we would prefer you didn't wait until Saturday morning to do it. All motors owned by the competitor must be checked and re-sealed if not compliant at the event, regardless if they have been sealed before. Please go to the ATS tents to get your motor scrutinised. If you have a hire motor, this will already be set!

Is tire additive open or controlled?

We are using controlled tire additive for all classes. It is our own ATS Additive and works great for all classes. It will be supplied at the event free of charge for racing, however, you must use your own on Friday for practice. We will have it for sale for $30 a bottle or you can easily share with other racers.

Is there a race director or commentator?

We are very lucky to have Chris Mitchell as our timekeeper and commentator. Chris is very experienced, working for Live RC and also commentating several local karting, Motorcross and RC events!